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FreewayAuction.com The Freeway to List Your Online Auctions!!! You don't get charged unless your Item Sells. Add a Reserve at No Extra Cost to you. The only Fee you will see during a Auction Listing Process is if You Want Your Ad Featured, Better Placement, Bolded, Attention Getter or a Link to Your Website. All Auctions allow a Payments with Paypal at No Cost to You. Our site does take a Small Closing Fee if Auction Sells but we Take a Way Smaller Percent then any other Auction Site Online. Check out Our Pricing Page for Details. We also provide Cheap Classifieds. We ask a Small Fee for Listing a Classified based on the Value of Your Item. Listing Upgrades are the same as the Auction's with one Bonus Feature that other Classified Sites do not offer which is getting paid threw Paypal. Here are all Classified Listing Upgrades which are Featured Ad, Better Placement, Bolding, Attention Getter, Link to Your Site and Paypal Button for Classifieds. For Pricing Visit our Pricing Page. You can log in with your Facebook or Sign up Manually to Become a Member of Our Site and start listing. We also only Allow Payments on our site with Paypal. Meaning Everyone that Pays for a listing on our Site Using Paypal is Covered by Paypal's Buyer Protection Rules. So your Purchase is Totally Covered. Happy Listing and Thanks for Visiting FreewayAuction.com. The Freeway to List Your Online Auctions with Cheap Closing Costs and Also Cheap Classifieds!!!